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Welcome to Hamilton International Academy!

In order to promote a child's healthy development, it has to begin with them experiencing a safe and positive environment at a very young age. At Hamilton International Academy, we are committed to fostering international mindedness. We celebrate it on a daily basis in our classrooms. We are not just a day care; we are a child development program with certified teachers and a planned curriculum. We based our curriculum on the IBO standards that emphasizes on the development of the child's intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills that would help prepare them for a globalized society.

In today's global economy, we believe that a high-quality education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity; it is a prerequisite to success. Because economic progress and educational achievement are inextricably linked, educating every child with a national imperative.

To create an economy built to last, we must provide every child with a complete and competitive education that will enable them to succeed in a global economy based on knowledge and innovation. To help provide a high-quality education to your child, Hamilton International Academy focuses on three key objectives:

Our Philosophy

Hamilton International Academy believes that:


The vision for Hamilton International Academy is to benefit from the diversity of its community in creating well-educated, internationally-minded citizens.

Our Mission

The mission of Hamilton International Academy is to achieve academic excellence in a caring, safe, and healthy environment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of each student, and by guiding each student on their path of development.
The stakeholders deem that all students benefit from a program in which mathematics, humanities, arts , foreign languages, community service, science, social studies, reading, speaking, and writing in the English language are stressed and incorporated with a strong technology component.

We emphasize self-worth by valuing our students as individuals and respecting their different cultures. We will provide a differentiated approach to instruction and a focus on literacy that promotes high achievement. We recognize that children have various learning styles, and we are committed to multiple teaching methods to ensure their academic success. Through the use of the best instructional practices, an arena is created that stimulates, challenges, and guides students to their goals. We strive to unite with parents and community members to form a strong fellowship that will help us achieve success. We endeavor to provide a quality education for each student in a school that adapts to the changing environment.

Our Community Teaching Strategy

At Hamilton International Academy, we have a high expectation for excellence. Teachers, staff, parents, students, and the community will work together to foster an environment where students are excited about learning and work at the peak of their abilities. We believe that learning is a lifelong process, one in which all the stakeholders are fully committed. We will provide an environment that is child-centered, maintaining a balance between the cognitive and affective domains seeking to develop the whole child. As a community rich in diversity, we take pride in and celebrate our uniqueness. We expect students to take responsibility for their actions, respect one another, and make ethical choices. We challenge our children to become critical and creative thinkers and problem-solvers who can work both independently and collaboratively using their failures as learning tools as they prepare to become productive citizens.

Involving parents in Education

Parental participation is of critical importance to the success of our nation's schools, and parents will always be a child's first and most important teacher. We encourage parents to be real partners in education with their children's teachers, from cradle to career. As educators, we continue to encourage shared responsibility of parent, child, and teacher to promote academic success, and we strive to do our part in building capacity to empower parents to make informed decisions about their child's education

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