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Infant Program

Come and discover your child’s path to creativity at Hamilton International Academy Infant Program!

As each infant enters our center, we form a partnership with you, the parents, to provide your child with the same degree of love, care and nurturing which you would provide at home.
We offer a safe, clean and enriching environment, which stimulates your baby's natural curiosity and gives them the confidence to discover and interact with their surroundings.

The entry age for our infant program is from 3-18 months of age.

In Hamilton International Academy infant programs, our highly trained staff follow each child’s own individual schedule rather than a set classroom schedule. Therefore, curriculum and schedules happen naturally and differently each day.

Every infant is on an individualized program according to his or her needs. During “needs something” time, staff provide one-on-one quality attention by meeting basic needs such as feeding, diapering, attachment, napping and communication. During “needs nothing” time staff are given the opportunity to join a child to explore and experience the environment.

The infant room does not have a formulated schedule; instead our providers are on the children’s schedule.
Our rooms have a “No Shoes Policy” in order to keep the environment as clean as possible.

Children are able to experience the outdoors on buggy rides or on a blanket on the lawn.

The following areas of development are enhanced in our program.

We encourage children to learn and meet milestones at their own pace in the following areas:

Some examples of the activities you will see are:

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