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At Hamilton, our Pre-Kindergarten program promotes a love of school while nurturing social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our teachers facilitate skills in self-regulation, self-initiation, and independence within a framework of a well-defined program. Children are encouraged to explore, to discover, and to think about the world around them. Learning experiences mainly focus on the process, while literacy and mathematical components of the program are integrated formally and informally throughout the morning. Functional and meaningful school experiences promote skills in creative thinking, problem solving and communication.

In this program, children learn about the world through play. Subject areas are not separate in their minds or in the classroom. The objects preschoolers find on a nature walk, like feathers, rocks and leaves, might help them figure out math concepts like big, bigger, and biggest or motivate them to visit the book corner to find out more about birds. Teachers may introduce children to basic concepts such as shapes, letters, and colors, but preschool is about learning much more than what a circle looks like. It is where children first develop a relationship with learning.

Our Curriculum standards are what all grade-level students are expected to know and able to do by the end of a school year. If you would like a summary description of the Hamilton Method, you may contact the director.

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