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Summer Camps

Hamilton International Academy's summer program offers a world of fun and enlightening opportunities for your child to nurture current talents and explore new and exciting interests.

Whether they want to shine on the stage, take day trips to fun and fascinating places, create and imagine through art, build and invent with LEGO Robotics, or learn how to swimming, they can do that and more in Hamilton International Academy's Summer Camps. And for kids who just want some all-around summer fun, our summer day camps provide an array of traditional day camp activities.

All of our summer activities reflect the high standards of Hamilton International Academy: an independent, co-educational, International Academy that derives its methods from the United States standards by helping children from pre-kindergarten through Grade 6 to pursue and realize their academic, personal, and social potential. Your child will thrive in Hamilton's diverse and supportive community.

Our summer camp staffs -- many of them Hamilton International Academy teachers, coaches, and parents; are 100% committed to fostering a fun, safe, and exciting environment for your child.

We look forward to your child joining us for a summer full of fun.

More information about specific camps will be posted on our event page, a few months prior to the camp date. To learn more about specific camp offering, please contact us

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