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The Hamilton Method

If textbooks, standardized tests, state and national standards, or add-on programs alone shoulder the load of focusing schools, the results will not meet our test for a robust education that teacher the whole body, soul and mind. At Hamilton International Academy, we believe that only a balanced curriculum process can be a skeleton to support the tendons and muscles of powerful instruction that balances the needs of children with the demands of society. Our Method reflects the philosophy and beliefs of educating the whole child, and enabling the child to take an active role in constructing meaning from his or her experiences.

The Hamilton Method drives the decisions we make related to curriculum, teaching, and learning. Our Integrated Theme-Based Units of Learning, Enrichment Program, Character Development Program, and Balanced Academic Curriculum enable our teachers to address multiple learning domains with a balance of instructional strategies and activities that support children's development as well-rounded individuals.The Hamilton Method includes our philosophy and balanced curriculum, multiple forms of assessment, teacher training, and accompanying instructional materials and equipment. It provides high-quality educational experiences that support children's development and build a foundation for a child's early education. The Method's components address multiple aspects of growth: social-emotional, cognitive, creative, and physical at different stages of development.

Theme-Based Units of Learning

Our Theme-Based Units of Learning provide a meaningful context for what children learn in different subject areas. Weekly themes like transportation, animals, and family provide the 'glue' that holds The Hamilton Methods together by integrating the Enrichment Programs, including science, technology, socials studies, Library and creative arts, as well as Character-Development Programs into the weekly themes. This fosters great educational experiences and activities that give teachers multiple opportunities to stimulate, develop, support and sustain emerging skills. Our Assessment of Learning Outcomes associated with instructional activities guide teachers in making their instruction purposeful and intentional.

Enrichment Programs

Our Enrichment Programs ensure that well-balanced early childhood experiences are woven into the daily curriculum. Our enrichment programs include physical education and development, science, gardening, and foreign language activities related to identified learning objects and outcomes within each of our Hamilton Method's subject areas.

Character-Development Programs

Our Character-Development Programs ensure well-balanced experiences are woven into the daily curriculum. Our character-development programs include lessons on character traits, community service, and charity activities, life skills lessons, and more programs related to identified learning objects and outcomes within each of Hamilton Method's subject areas.

Academic Curriculum

Our Academic Curriculum focuses on reading, writing and math concepts that are often included in traditional measures of school readiness. In younger classes, emergent reading, writing and math concepts are introduced as part of the Theme-Based Units of Learning. Beginning with our three-year-olds at the Pre-Kindergarten level, teachers use well-respectedpublished programs to teach reading, writing and math. Our standard for the Language & Literacy is for children to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing competencies, as well as understand and appreciate the value of literacy for enjoyment and as a means of communication.

Our standard for Mathematics is for children to develop an understanding of numbers, operations, relationships, measurement, and patterns to solve numerical problems and reason mathematically. Children encounter mathematics every day without realizing it, and research has shown that children enjoy mathematics and will spontaneously engage in mathematical activity during their play. Children can learn a great deal when they are given opportunities to explore mathematical ideas with adult guidance.The Hamilton Method Mathematics standards is designed to lead students to mathematical proficiency by addressing conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, strategic competence, adaptive reasoning, and productive disposition. Teachers demonstrate and explain, but also encourage students to do the same. Meaningful activities build initial understanding while additional practice encourages fluency.

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