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Toddler Program

Come and discover your child's path to creativity at Hamilton International Academy Infant Program!

Guided Discovery curriculum truly begins in our Toddler program. Children are now upright; walking, eating table food and taking only one nap a day. They are on a schedule where their friends are doing the same type of activities at the same time. Our program focuses on the following developmental areas: physical, emotional, social and cognitive. In addition, children will be able to use their newly discovered independence skills as they explore their environment. Staff will encourage children to use self-help skills as they provide basic needs care. Routines are essential at this age to help children predict the events that will occur during the day. Consistent limits are set for children so they can determine boundaries.

The Toddler Program at Hamilton is a transitional program for children 18 months to 36 months who may or may not be toilet trained. As a child becomes developmentally ready, the toddler teachers work closely with the parent in the toilet training process.

Creative Arts and Dramatic Play

The Toddler program is designed to encourage a toddler's innate curiosity. Our dramatic play area allows children to act out roles they see adults play, they are often found chatting on a toy phone or rocking a baby doll to sleep. Exploring the arts is also a key interest at this age. Children love to dabble in fingerpaints and discover how glue makes objects stick. Other activities toddlers will enjoy in these areas are:

Manipulatives and Sensory Play

Our Toddler program is designed to help children begin to work logically in their environment individually and in a group. Staff expose children to various activities where they can use their senses and see how objects are manipulated through cause and effect. Children are given opportunities to engage in the following activities:

Written daily reports are provided and parents may call or visit at any time. Our staff to child ratio is 1: 5.

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