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Tution And Fees

Estimated costs for a full academic year
(three terms/semesters of full-time enrollment)
Sibling and other discounts available. Contact management for more information.

Initial Up Front Fees (non-refundable)

New Student Registration Fee (all ages) - (One time only) ₦ 5,000 before interview
Material Fee - Books, Internet, Stationeries, Toiletries, Audio visual etc + Supplies (T-K only) ₦ 20,000 yearly
Activity Fees ₦ 15,000 yearly

Hamilton International Academy Tuition Rates

Programs Full-Day Tuition and Fees After School Care programs
Infants (3 months - 18 Months) ₦ 70,000/Term ₦ 12,000/Term
Toddlers (18 months - 36 Months) ₦ 78,000/Term ₦ 12,000/Term
Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 years) ₦ 82,000/Term ₦ 12,000/Term
Kindergarten (5-6 years) ₦ 85,000/Term ₦ 12,000/Term

Hamilton International Academy Supplies list per term

Supplies Cost and Fees
Uniform (2 Pairs) ₦ 10,000
Transportation Coming Soon
International Exchange Program Coming Soon

Hamilton International Academy Summer Camp per week

Categories Weekly Rates
Students ₦ 7,000/Week
Non-Students ₦ 7,000/Week

Important notes about tuition and fees

Tuition and fees may vary by program, and facilities. Hamilton International Academy reserves the right to assess fees for special services and programs applicable to students. Parents should plan for a small % annual increase for all costs. Tuition includes instructional and general fees. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students enrolling at Hamilton International Academy should allow for other expenses such as after school programs, books and supplies, transportation, recreation, and other personal needs.

Make Payments to GT Bank Account # 0158338111 (Hamilton International Academy). Bank draft should be made payable to Hamilton International Academy Limited. HIA does not accept cash or check payments.

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